Who Is JKI Sports and Social?

JKI Sports and Social (JKI) is a co-ed adult sports and social adventures group in the Atlanta area. Formed in 2013, JKI has been hosting outdoor adventure activities, team sports, and social events in the Metro Atlanta area. JKI promotes a family environment, in which we respect, encourage, and support each other professionally and personally.  We welcome members from all walks of life. Though we are a new league, we have a good following in the Atlanta area. We look forward to building our family and expanding our social activities.

The primary goals of JKI Sports and Social are:

  • To provide a safe environment for members to gain exposure to outdoor adventures and sports
  • To provide members with support and encouragement of healthy lifestyles
  • To provide a means to network with professionals, both professionally and personally

We encourage our members to get active and live a healthy lifestyle by offering various sports leagues throughout the year. We offer the best recreational, yet competitive experience in kickball, volleyball, and dodgeball leagues.  If you are new to sports or have not played in a while, we will make sure you are prepared for an active season.  No matter if we are on or off the field, we’re always "kickin' it". Whether it’s skating, bowling, karaoke, white water rafting, paintballing, or partying, we always have a great time with each other.

We look forward to kickin it with you!

Chauntee Renea, Co-Owner/Operator
Jenn Sanders, Co-Owner/Operator

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